invites international partners for cooperation in contract manufacturing.
AVVA RUS JSC, a private Russian pharmaceutical company,
The manufacturing site of AVVA RUS
Established in 1996

Certificates of compliance with EU GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485

Sachets, suppositories and syrups: more than 200 million units

Annual production capacity: Tablets and capsules: more than 3 billion

Total area: 17 956 m2

Warehouse area: 2 420 m2

Number of employees: more than 500
The manufacturing site of AVVA RUS JSC includes:
- Facility for manufacturing of penicillin-like β-lactam antibiotics

· Capsules, powders, tablets, coated tablets
- Facility for manufacturing of generic drugs

· Production areas for finished dosage forms, including tablets, coated tablets , dragées, granules, capsules, suppositories, syrups, and emulsions

· Production area for pellets, including pancreatine pellets

· Production area for finished dosage forms from hydrolyzed lignin, including the manufacturing of a substance and medicinal products based on hydrolyzed lignins
In autumn 2017 the existing quality system and Good Manufacturing Practices at the AVVA RUS plant in Kirov were audited by European state auditors.

In January 2018 AVVA RUS obtained a EU GMP certificate to manufacture medicines for human use, thereby confirming the highest quality standard of its products.

The products manufactured at the AVVA RUS production site can be registered and supplied in the Russian Federation, CIS, Mongolia, EU and other countries, which are current members of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) (Portugal, Romania, Cyprus, Chile, Vietnam, etc.)

Currently AVVA RUS is dynamically involved in the implementation of Pharma 2020, a Russian state program.

Infectious diseases
The company specializes
in the following key areas
AVVA RUS has been manufacturing products for more than 20 years, and its current portfolio includes about 50 efficient drugs, including both generics and original medicines developed by the company (Lactofiltrum and Filtrum).
In 2015, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade issued an order to include AVVA RUS JSC in the list of entities with a substantial impact on the industrial sector in Russia.

With its considerable experience in contract works and regulatory support, AVVA RUS is interested in localizing the products of international developers and manufacturers at its facilities and invites potential partners to mutually beneficial high-quality cooperation, including localizing the manufacturing of penicillin-like β-lactam antibiotics.
Advantages for potential AVVA RUS partners:
• Wide experience in Russian regulatory system

• Wide production capacities

• Status of drugs as medicinal products manufactured in the Russian Federation

• Public procurement sales opportunities with state support for Russian manufacturers

• Broad coverage of the national market, work with large distributors, presence in the pharmacy and inpatient sectors

• Advisory services of qualified health specialists

• Experience in the successful introduction of new brands to the Russian market and a highly professional marketing and sales staff

• Expert knowledge of all major therapeutic areas, including gastroenterology, otolaryngology, dermatology, pediatrics, gynecology and more

• Flexible approach to developing cooperation with partners

- including the cost of auxiliary and packaging materials
- including the cost of contract manufacturing services
- excluding the cost of active substances.
* The final price shall be subject to adjustment based on the specific product, production volumes, batch size, and other factors that may affect the cost of products.
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